Trium Sustainable Innovators Global Equity and Trium Sustainable Innovators North American Equity

Exceptional companies combine a focus on innovation and sustainability. Their growth does not rely on one single invention but on a constant stream of new products and services that satisfy their customers. These successful businesses are customer-centric, invest strongly in human capital and share notable organisational traits.

We act as though we were the perpetual owners of the company: before investing, we conduct a deep-dive strategic analysis. After investing, we continuously engage with the management. For both funds the strategy targets returns of 12 to 15% across the cycle combining careful company selection and a disciplined valuation approach to avoid inflated securities.

  • Daily liquidity UCITS and Managed accounts
  • Target return of 12 to 15% across the cycle 
  • Protection in the downside given quality of businesses
  • Market cap above USD3bn at time of investment
  • 20-30 positions with circa 5% name turnover
  • Article 8 funds and ESG audit by Luxflag
  • Zero-fee class for charities
  • Experienced team led by Raphael Pitoun
Contact Information

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7073 9250